About Us

The beginnings of this unique business goes back to the late 1990's’s. At that time owner and founder of Dakota Chimes, Randy Goodyear, began selling the arts and crafts he had spent a lifetime learning to fashion. He had good success in this endeavor, but was looking to branch out into other types of crafting.

Randy had always had an interest in geology and began to experiment with crafts made of polished stone. Eventually he made a wind chime of polished stone and found that he liked both the look and sound of it. He began to offer them in local craft shows and the orders started coming in.

In 2011, after a long career as an industrial mechanic, Randy decided to take his loved bobby full-time and Dakota Chimes was born. Applying his 20 years of experience to this now full-time business has yielded a better product and a wider market base.