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Our Wind Chimes Are Second to None

Dakota Chimes are all made of the finest polished agate stone, held together by seven strand stainless steel, plastic coated wire, and finished with gold/silver plated pewter or brass decorations. Each one is individually handcrafted in their local studio. These wind chimes are all made to exacting specifications with the goal that they weather nicely and look great for a lifetime.

Uncommon Quality Equals Uncommon Value

Hand crafted, polished stone wind chimes are uncommon. However, their quality of construction, beauty and durability make them highly desirable. Dakota Chimes offer only the finest materials and workmanship in crafting their product. These are truly beautiful and unique decorative pieces.

All Dakota Chimes may be purchased locally at many of the craft shows and county fairs in the area, or you order whatever you can conceive of here online.

Prices vary from $20 - $45 depending on size and design, plus shipping and handling.